Aircraft and Core Engine Cleaning

Aligned with the Nordic MROs’ social view and our environmental policy, we offer cleaning services that limit effects on the environment and promote energy efficient flights. Our aircraft and core engine cleaning services consists of Drywash Exterior Cleaning and Core Engine Wash that are provided at all our stations.

Drywash Exterior Cleaning

Nordic MRO is an approved supplier and partner of the Skywash™ products.

Water is a scarce resource in a large part of the world and the Aircraft drywash contribute to limit water consumption. The drywash also optimizes paint protection in response to environmental regulations for efficient cleaning maintenance and maximum paint and corrosion protection. Maintaining aircraft in aerodynamically clean condition promotes optimum fuel efficiency, reduction in CO2 emissions and long lasting surface shine.

The aircraft drywash can be performed during a scheduled maintenance check to avoid extra hangar costs. Skywash Drywash is approved by aircraft manufacturer such as Boeing and Airbus and is endorsed by aviation paint manufacturers.

Core Engine Wash

Core engine wash is performed in order to reduce deterioration of engine and prolongs engine service life on wing.

Fuel is very expensive and prices are rising and reducing fuel demand is a key factor for an airline to stay profitable. By performing core engine washes, the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) is lowered thus reducing the fuel demand. Next to cutting fuel costs, also CO2 emissions are reduced.

At the same time the improvement of the EGT margin leads to longer engine on-wing time as the material is subject to less stress, and also to lower overhaul costs.


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